Piercing the Nevada Corporate Veil

In Nevada, “piercing the corporate veil” is now the subject of a statute, NRS 78.747. Under section 2 of this statute, to establish an “alter ego,” three things must be proven:
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a. The corporation is influenced and governed by the stockholder, director or officer;
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b. There is such unity of interest and ownership that the corporation and the stockholder, director or officer are inseparable from each other; and
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c. Adherence to the corporate fiction of a separate entity would sanction fraud or promote a manifest injustice.
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This statute is a codification of the test enunciated in prior case law. See, e.g., Ecklund v. Nevada Wholesale Lumber Co., 93 Nev. 196, 562 P.2d 479 (1977), where it was also held that all three elements must be proven to pierce the corporate veil. In any case, as the Court stated in Baer v. Amos J Walker, Inc., 85 Nev. 219, 220, 452 P.2d 916, 916 (1969), “The corporate cloak is not lightly thrown aside.”
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Turning to other relevant considerations, in North Arlington Medical Building, Inc. v. Sanchez Construction Co., 86 Nev. 515, 471 P.2d 240 (1970), where this Court listed, in footnote 3 to its opinion, some 22 factors tending to establish the second element of NRS 78.747(2). In Polaris, however, this Court noted that ”