Granada Spain – Glorious City Of Southern Spain

Situated at the foot of the southerly Sierra Nevada ski

resort, Granada is one of the most splendid cities of

eastern Andalucia.

On its southern side is 103 kms of fabulous Mediterranean

coastline, with the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical in

close proximity whilst, in between, lies a fertile plain

producing exotic fruits.

Granada dates back to prehistoric times and was known as

Ilbyr. When the Romans colonized the southern part of

Iberia, they built their own city there, calling it

Illibris. The Arabs, invading the Peninsula in the

eighth century, gave the city its current name of Granada.

Being the last Muslim city of Spain to be reconquered by

the Christians, Granada has an unmistakable Arab flavor,

and Moorish and Christian elements go hand-in-hand.

One of the most brilliant jewels of Granada is the Alhambra,

a series of palaces and gardens built under the Nazari

Dynasty in the fourteenth century. This mighty compound

of buildings, including the summer palace called Generalife

with its beautiful fountains and gardens, stands at the foot

of the Sierra Nevada.

The hill facing the Alhambra is the old Moorish casbah or

medina called the Albaicín. One of the oldest districts,

it has been declared a World Heritage Site, along with the

Alhambra and Generalife.

The Plaza de San Nicolas, at the highest point of the

Albaicín, is famous for its magnificent view of the Moorish


Sacromonte Hill, which overlooks the city from the north,

is famous for its cave dwellings, once home to a large gypsy

community. Here, you can find some of the best flamenco

shows in Andalucia.

Perhaps the most important Christian monument of Granada is

the Cathedral. Built in 1523, Queen Isabel and King

Ferdinand are buried there in the Royal Chapel.

Among museums well-worth visiting are the Art Museum in the

Palacio de Carlos V at the Alhambra, the Alhambra Museum,

the Cathedral Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the

Science Museum.

If the children become a little bored with sightseeing,

they will just love the activities available in the nearby

Sierra Nevada ski resort or the beautiful beaches not too

far away. And so will you!

So … come visit Granada and have the time of your lives!